Since our establishment in 2001, our vision and mission has been “To be the one source of material handling products and solutions’ provider in Malaysia and beyond without having to compromise on safety and price”.

Having been in the market for nearly 2 decades, we pride ourselves on providing not only conventional hoisting and/or winching systems, but customized solutions to meet each and every unique application. Our success is accredited to years of experience and the understanding of our clients’ needs, wants and expectations, backed by our team of specialized and CIDB registered personnel.

We were complimented on our unparalleled services and our SR registered product lines are often recognized as reliable and durable. We reached an important milestone and achieved a new momentum in reaching our goal when we became the preferred choice of Decoration Lifts System provider.

Our Decoration Lifts System is exclusively designed for raising and lowering hard-to-reach banner and/or decorations with a simple touch of a button. This system comes equipped with Double Safety features and is JKKP Standard compliance.

The driven factor behind every product and system we supplied has always been Safety. In fact, we do not just stop at safety, we had taken further steps in ensuring our system reliability, sustainability and efficiency in terms of cost and labor. We are able to provide a one-stop solution from design, build, install, PMA approval and maintenance.

Why Choose Us


Instead of sending workers to the top of the ceiling to do the alteration work for banners or decorations, we lower the risk of dangerous ladder climbing. Works are done on the ground


With a system in the shopping mall, it brings convenience in raising and lowering your decorations or banners anytime. Hence, the normal operations of the mall are not affected


Delivers substantial savings on expensive lift rental, specialist labor, after hours access and insurance costs. It further avoids damage to floors and shopfronts from heavy access equipment


Current trend, new shopping malls specified ‘must have’ system


We work together to archive your goal. “ICSC Asia Pacific Award” & “Malaysia Shopping Malls Association Award”


A foundation for shopping mall management to help their retailers to drive more visitor’s traffic via advertisement banner