Peace of Mind Service Contract

Focus on your business, don’t call us, we will call you.

SR Peace of Mind Maintenance Contract, scheduled periodical servicing routines which includes all repairs and wear and tear parts. So there will not be any unexpected costs and you can manage your cashflow with confidence.

Properly maintained equipment will operate safely and at maximum efficiency and extending the life of your systems.

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Spare Part & Repairing

Using genuine SR spare parts ensure the optimum performance and reliability of your equipment. Our spare parts are exactly the same quality and standard as we used to build your system.

No one knows our products better than us, contact us directly for everything from fault diagnosis to replacement of parts. Just give us the serial number of your equipment and we will do the rest.

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Comprehensive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is always better than breakdown maintenance.

SR Comprehensive Maintenance Contract is flexible plans tailored to optimize your equipment for actual operation conditions, keeping them operational and increasing your uptime.

With our detailed maintenance plan, get your equipment health reports, advise and suggested replacement and/or repair if needed.

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